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Take your internet life with you. We make it happen.


for your business

We rent ipad that you can lease for  Conferences (meetings, seminars, workshops), Exhibitions, Events, Product Launches, Symposiums , Corporate activity days,Presentation shows ,

Political events



Why Rent iPads?

iPads are quickly enhancing the way people work by increasing their flexibility, mobility and productivity. Renting iPads makes economic sense when your project is short-term, you want to take advantage of the latest generation model or for those times when you require large quantities. Renting iPads is a great solution for projects such as:



  • Interactive Meetings

  • Data Collection

  • Sales Presentations

  • Product Launch Events

  • Trade Shows

  • Corporate Total Lifecycle



How can you improve sales with the iPad?


Let’s say, you need to sign a contract quickly. Use electronic signature app or other application for business people and you are done.


Or let’s imagine your client has little time and you need to provide him or her with information about the service or product. Use your tablet to find it quickly.

Tablets are good for showing charts, pictures and slideshows.

They are good for web surfing, site updating, social networking and many other things…



Where to find an iPad Hd?


You can find RentApad services in Athens

In Athens you can call at +302110108649 or +306909023981 and we will deliver an iPad Hd for daily rental needs



You will find RentApad services at :

Athens (2012)


for Tourists


We rent iPad Hd to tourists and business travelers who come to Greece to stay for a few days​ with Unlimited Internet access on the iPad Hd.


Some of the benefits for the business or leisure traveler are that he or she doesn’t need to carry around maps, heavy city guides, laptops, be checked for electronic devices on airports, pay roaming charges or abusive prices for hotel Internet access, buy an iPad Hd or have multiple devices for different needs.

It’s all integrated in an affordable solution,and delivered to his or her hotel for the time they’ll be visiting Athens


Every iPad Hd is filled with applications that are needed to every traveler such as guides, maps, translators, search engines, audio guides, popular applications such as social networks, news, email clients and games and more.


Along with the iPad Hd, the traveler gets coupons which offer discounts on some of the best taverns and coffee places in the city.








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for Hotels


Rentapad, working with its partner hotels has launched an innovative iPad rental service for hotel guests. Tourists and business travellers staying at our partner hotels can rent an iPad for periods ranging from a few hours to many days.


“ I'm AMAZED ! I really didn't believe that there is a way to have at my vacations ,at the beach my internet life.

. it's a very smart idea !! ”

Samantha Jones, Epsilon Media

Product  Manager

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